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Community Helper Week

September 4, 2020

Hello Prince of Peace Parents,


The beginning of our school year has been great, and I thank all of our families for bringing your children to Prince of Peace.   We have had a great first month getting everyone in their routines and getting to know each other.  We did miss having an orientation which we usually do the first week of school so I thought I would go over a few things here in this letter that would have been spoken of at the orientation.

If this is your first year at POP, welcome.  We always enjoy meeting new families and appreciate your trust in us to teach and care for you precious children. 

We have sent our emergency bags to most of our parents to fill for their child and we appreciate those that have already turned them back in.  But if you have not please fill them out and return them as soon as possible.  These are important to have available in case of a dire situation such as an earthquake or any major catastrophe that could occur.  The probability of you being able to reach us quickly would be minimal and we want to be able to take care of the children.  Be sure to fill out and sign the attached sheet front and back so we will have all information needed just in case.

We ask that you are on time for drop off and pick ups as we are staffed according to the number of children; we have on our roll sheet unless previously notified.  Staffing ratios are very important, and we appreciate your keeping us informed as early as possible if there is to be a change in your child’s hours.

We have t-shirts available for $10 in the office.  We like to have the children wear them every Friday if possible.  If you would like to buy one, please stop by the office and see Lilah or Ria.

Throughout the year we do have a couple of fundraisers generally, this year might be an exception but if we do, they are held so we can buy supplies for the school and help with scholarships if needed.  We appreciate your help with these when then they are offered, the extra money earned is important to the whole school.

Each child should have a regular backpack in order to carry their lunch, water bottle, and an extra set of clothes.  We ask that everything is marked with the child’s name.  We also send home a lot of messages (like this one) and the children’s artwork etc.  So please know that the backpack is very important and should be big enough to carry all this and whatever else the child seems to need. 

The teachers have or will send home a monthly chart for snacks.  We ask that you bring a nutritious snack when it is your child’s day.  That day he/she will be line leader and teacher’s helper.  We appreciate your generosity in this matter as it really helps us here at POP.  Attached is a list of snack ideas.

We have in the past had two programs a year, one for the Christmas Season and on for Spring.  This year we are going to pray that we will be able to gather for a program.  So, we will start in October to prepare for our Christmas Program.  The problem is having a gathering of all of our families might not be allowed.  But we are going to try.  We will let you know the dates and times as we figure it out.  We will be asking you to help with the costuming if it is necessary. 

We also have a Christmas Sale for the children where they can shop for their family and put a gift under the tree for everyone.  These cost $1 each and the children have a great time picking things out for everyone.  We ask for help from any parent available to help pick out gifts and wrap them.  This we will be doing as it is such a fun event for the children.  This will happen December 22nd and 23rd.

Pastor Gene has been busy this year coming to our morning flag salute and prayer time, he has an eleven o’clock chapel with the Kindergarten class and then at noon he meets with our school age children.  It is great to have him joining us to teach the children more about Jesus and His love for us. As a Christian School we do ask that our families join us three times a year for services.  We will set up times when the children will participate in the service.  Watch for those dates and times Please.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to the teacher, or stop by the front office and let us know.   We want to be of service wherever we can. 

Yours in Christ,

Lilah and Her Staff


Snack Protocol

Our snack protocol is asking parents to bring snack for their child’s class once a month as shown on that classes monthly calendar.  On your child’s day for snack they will be the student of the day and teacher’s helper. We will always have back up if you forget.  Below please find suggestions for what to bring:

Snack List Ideas:

Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries etc.)

Fruit, pudding cups, Applesauce

Veggies and dip or cheese

Cheese & crackers

Cereal and milk

Yogurt – 2 large containers is ok, we will divide it

Graham crackers or Breakfast bars

Trail mix

Pretzels or Chex mix

Small muffins

Tortillas and cheese (we will put them together)

DO NOT BRING: Peanut butter items due to allergies or Drinks (juice boxes etc.)  We prefer water.

Cookies and cupcakes on birthdays only please.

Thank you for loving my child, taking care of him, teaching him academics, and especially teaching him about Jesus over the last three years.

I can’t express enough what a blessing and answer to prayer you have been.


We will miss you as he leaves Prince of Peace to begin Kindergarten at Hyatt World Language Academy with his brothers.  We’ll never forget you!


Love and Blessings,

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Preschool

Mission Statement


1. Our Congregation:

The first purpose of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Preschool is to provide a local ministry for the church members of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, and to the families in our immediate community.  


2. Our Students:

The second purpose of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Preschool is to provide a spiritual environment, using Christian leadership, to help children grow and develop into mature Christian individuals.  The methods we use to achieve this purpose at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Preschool include the nurturing of the "whole child" - physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Children will be encouraged to be independent Christian thinkers and life-long learners.  


3. Our Employees: 

The third purpose for the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Preschool will be to use only Christian teachers to provide developmentally appropriate activities. Our teachers will instruct using Christian principles.  Teachers will be recognized, honored, and nurtured by the congregation.


4. The Great Commission:

The fourth goal of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Preschool will be to seek relationships with our students' families and parents by providing an environment of trust.  Parents will feel comfortable and secure, leaving their children, knowing they will receive excellent care while at our school.  When they seek a church home, parents will already identify with the congregation at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  Knowing our parishioners love their children, they will be secure in the knowledge that they will be accepted with open arms by our church family. 

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