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Community Helper Week

The summer months are speeding by and we have been having lots of fun.  Next week is water week and that is always a lot of laughs and giggles.

We are getting ready for our new school year which begins August 10th.  We have heard from many of our families but there are still a lot we hope to hear from soon.  Our classrooms are filling up fast as we will only be able to accommodate smaller classes this next year.  So first come first serve for a space in a classroom for your student.

We are anxious to get back to school too, we miss our friends. 

Things have certainly changed over the last 4 months but the love for the children is still our motivation to get back to work on a daily basis.  We have changed the rooms a little and gotten some new equipment.  Our floors are going to be cleaned and all of our toys and equipment cleaned and ready for the children to enjoy.  The state mandates seem to change daily so we are always on the look out for any new items that pertain to our school.

Please come by or call and let us know what your plans are for the new school year.  I know the public schools will be returning in August as well so big brothers and sisters will be returning to school.   I need to know how many of our friends will be attending so we can staff appropriately.  I f you cannot stop by be sure to call and let us know your plans even if it means you are not returning to Prince of Peace.

Pastor Gene will be focusing his attention on our kindergarten this year and taking more time with the children and their focus on our Lord Jesus.  We are excited to have him join us each day for this special time to learn the word of God.

I know this has been a hard time for everyone, but we are here for you if you need us and are ready to return your child to school.  I am praying for an end to all the masks and fear that has been in our lives.  Please pray for our country and that all of the hatred and fear will end, and we can live in a safe and peaceful world.

God’s Blessings,

Lilah and Staff

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and Preschool


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Thank you for loving my child, taking care of him, teaching him academics, and especially teaching him about Jesus over the last three years.

I can’t express enough what a blessing and answer to prayer you have been.


We will miss you as he leaves Prince of Peace to begin Kindergarten at Hyatt World Language Academy with his brothers.  We’ll never forget you!


Love and Blessings,

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