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Prince of Peace Lutheran Church newsletter.

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Dear Prince of Peace :

            Hello Prince of Peace from Frankenmuth Michigan. I would first like to say thank you to the entire congregation for the special collection that was taken for me to help me as I began my vicarage. Thank you for the cards and all the words of encouragement and support as I set out to start my vicarage.  Thank you to the church council for the idea and all their support as I begin my vicarage here in Michigan. To catch everyone up with what I have been doing since I left Hemet at the end of July. It was great getting to worship with you and take part in leading worship over the summer. I hope to have the opportunity to preach before I leave for my first call. I arrived here in Michigan on August 1 and have been busy since doing all kinds of different things. I am living in a house next to the church so I cannot complain about my trip to church, I am also just down the street from the church office and school and the other building where worship happens. Some of my respondsiblites as the vicar at St. Lorenz is that I preach which I have done once and I am getting ready for my second sermon. I teach confirmation 3 days a week to the kids in the school. They have about 490 students in the school and about 50 students in confirmation. The gym teacher heard that I like to run so she has invited me to run with the 8th graders. It is a time for the students to see me outside of the classroom and a chance to get to know them.  I co lead the Wednesday morning men’s bible study in the church basement. We have just finished Genesis and are starting to look through Exodus. I do homebound visits with people and give them communion. On Fridays, I go and visit the hospitals to visit with people and sometimes I bring them communion. I carry the on call phone on the weeknights and on certain weekends I have nick named it the bat phone. There have already been a couple of experiences that have had an impact on me as I begin my vicarage. I am also in charge of VBS next summer, I have already began to assemble the team that I will work with. St. Lorenz has three Pastors, Pastor Brad Hubbard being the lead Pastor, Pastor Shawn Fenske being a pastoral care Pastor, and my supervisor Pastor Joel Kaiser. They are amazing Pastors that each have their own way of doing things but work well together as a team.

            The Pastors are preparing me for what I will do as a Pastor and are giving me a lot of chances to get involved with different ministries. The town of Frankenmuth is fun to live in because it is the small-town life and feel and people know each other. I go to Kroger after church and people will come up to me and say vicar you did a good job, I had to get use to that when I first got here. I got to take in one of the big festivals for Frankenmuth that being autofest. It’s a weekend where about 3,000 cars come into town and show them off. On Friday night they had a block party down main street and Saturday morning I drove a golf cart for the church to take people from the parking lot to the main gate, it was a lot of fun and met some interesting people. I am enjoying my time in Frankenmuth and serving at St. Lorenz they are really helping to mold and shape me into a future Pastor or Air Force Chaplain.

(peace) שָׁלוֹם