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Hello Prince of Peace from St. Louis Missouri. I would like to say thank you to the congregation for all their support and encouragement and prayers during my first year in seminary. I have completed my first year of seminary and I have to say the second semester was an interesting a semester unlike any of the classes that have come before. What made it interesting is I finished the last 7 weeks online in my dorm room. My class will be known as the class that learned to preach in homiletics/preaching class through a computer. We make the bad joke that we are prepared to be future televangelist because we learned to preach online, and some preached their first sermon through the computer. A lot has changed since I last wrote to you, the first is that I have received the okay or my license to preach in the Missouri senate. This is done by doing two things the first is taking and passing homiletics 1/ preaching which I did. The second is that you must prepare a sermon and then preach it in front of your professor and your classmates. To pass this you must preach your sermon without notes in front of them. Going into this I did not want to be on the first day and I did not want to be first, well that was not meant to be. When Dr. Nafzger gave us the schedule for preaching, I was on the first day and I was the first to go from my class. Because of the lockdown those of us who remained in St. Louis were able to preach in Dr. Nafzger backyard as we dodged thunderstorms and waited for the mowers to finish before we preached. I got through this and received my license to preach, which I will be doing this summer at my field work church.

            Before the crisis I was doing my second semester field work module which was my cross-culture module. I was assigned to Compass at St. John Lutheran church here in St. Louis. Compass is an after-school program for students from kindergarten to high school. I would go one day a week on Wednesday and help the students with their homework and then I would lead a devotion for each of the age groups and then spend the rest of the time playing with the students and getting to know them. It was great because it gave me a chance to work with an age group that I had no experience teaching or interacting with before this experience. When I was there it was the season of lent so I was walking the students through some of the main characters and stories that led up to Jesus journey to the cross. I enjoyed the time because I was getting to share the gospel with students that have not really been exposed to it before. When the virus got worse the seminary pulled all students out of field work and said we are done for the semester.

            I have stayed at the seminary because I thought it was the safest option then coming home. I would like you to know that the seminary has done a good job communicated to us when all this was going on and making sure we are safe and had all that we needed.  I am still working on campus in the mailroom and was made student supervisor for this year. I was made supervisor because I am the only first year guy left and have the most experience. Right now, I am enjoying a break from classes, I have been working on a sermon that I will be preaching June 24th at my field work church. I have spent my free time doing a lot of reading for fun. I read through the book Band of Brothers and now I am reading through the book Matterhorn a novel about the Vietnam war. My field work church has returned to normal services, while the crisis was going on, they did drive in church that I would go to each Sunday. I enjoyed watching the YouTube videos of your services in Hemet and hearing the sermon, I would watch them on Sundays when I would get back from drive in church. I am getting ready for another new semester here at the seminary, I moved into a different room where I will share a room with a first year. I did this to try and save money plus I know the first year we were roommates in Irvine he graduated a year ahead of me and delayed coming to seminary until now. Before fall classes start, I will be taking a summer language class starting July 6th this summer is Hebrew. Hebrew was a struggle to me in undergrad because the language is so different then what I am used to. Hard to believe I will slowly be starting to prepare to go out for my vicarage next year. I hope to come home for Christmas, but I will have to say what happens as the time gets closer. I am doing good enjoying my time at the seminary, it is really a special place.  



Ryan Ferguson

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