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Hello Prince of Peace:

            I would like to wish you a late happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas, I have been busy with my classes. I spent my summer improving my Hebrew, the course was a challenge and made me work hard to learn the language. I passed the course and I have a deeper love for the Old Testament and working to improve my Hebrew. Some of my classmates did not pass so they must repeat the course next summer and add on another year to their time in seminary. I am at the end of the fall semester and it has been a busy first half of the semester. The challenge of the classes has really picked up and the workload that is required for each class. Last year I had one class each semester that I like the most, but that is not the case this year I like all my classes because they all are different. My Old testament prophets’ class has been a challenge because of what has been asked of me is a lot. Now that I am almost at the end of the course I look back and appreciate all the work I was asked to do because it got me to read a large portion of the Old Testament. My systematics course has been great because we are looking at different doctrines of the church in depth and from different views. What I really love about the course is there is also the focus of how to apply this as a Pastor which really was not part of the intro class last year. I have Dr. Biermann, if you have never heard of him I will tell you that having class with him is like strapping into a jet fighter and hanging on because he just goes and cover a lot of great material. I also have Worship and the word this semester with Dr. Burreson the dean of chapel. I like this class because we are learning about worship and why we do the things we do in the Lutheran Church. We begin each class by talking about a time of music and looking at the hymnal. We then will sing as a class a hymn from that time as a class. I used to tease Melody that I would pick a hymn based on the theology and nothing else. She will be proud to know it has been drilled into me to pick based off other factors besides theology, things like tune, singable. I would like to ask you what is a good book to read to learn more about the famous Lutheran composer and their lives?

            Second year has been more challenging then the first year because of the classes and then being more involved at my field work church. It seems like I am using my Hebrew more this semester then I used my Greek all last year. As I write this to you, we have three weeks of classes left in this semester. We have moved to online classes to finish the semester. Last year there was one class I really enjoyed over the rest of them, that is not the case this year I am enjoying all my classes because they are all different and challenge me in different ways. Torah with Dr. Adams is interesting because he has done some archeology, so he brings that knowledge when we look at the story of Exodus. I am really enjoying Worship and the Word with Dr. Burreson because we are now looking at the history of liturgy and how it came to be. I am still working in the mailroom on campus and in the welcome center. I am excited for the spring semester because I got all my preferences when I was, I was picking classes. The class I am excited for is Reading and Preaching the word which is the second year Homiletics course. There are a couple of reasons why I am excited for this course is a chance to improve my preaching and because I will get to learn how and preach on the Old Testament. There is added excitement for the course because I get to have class with the former President and former Lutheran Hour speaker Dr. Dale Meyer or as we call him a campus Opa (grandpa).  I am excited because growing up I listened to him on the Lutheran Hour and now to have class with him is just excited. I want to model my ministry after him because he always remembers everyone’s name and is so friendly. All the professors you see on that Lutheran Hour special a Man Named Martin I have had as a professor or will or have at least met them, it truly is a small world.  

            My field work church continues to hold worship and I have been leading liturgy in the service a couple times a month. I have been leading Sunday School at my field work church, which has been a lot of fun getting a chance to work with an age group that I have never worked with before. We are working through the story of Moses, so I got the chance to teach on the birth of Moses and then Passover. I remember growing up how Sunday School help mold me into who I am today, so I am grateful to have the chance to mold and teach these students, they are some great kids. After Christmas the church wants me to teach a 4 week bible study and I am thinking doing a look at some of the minor prophets because they do not get mentioned a lot, or a study on the temple through the bible because I wrote a paper in undergrad and would love to teach on the temple throughout the bible. The other exciting event is on December 8th I will have my vicarage interview about where I will be placed for my vicarage. I am excited and nervous because I have no idea where I could end up for a year, I know that God will place me where he needs me. I would not mind staying in the Midwest for vicarage or first call because I enjoy the seasons and the change in scenery coming from California.

             I would like to share a verse that I had to translate for my prophets’ class from Hebrew. It comes from Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel”. This verse was a challenge to translate because Isaiah has such a large vocab that is not used in much of the Old Testament you must learn. This verse reminds me that Jesus did come to us and is with us as we face this weird time that we are all currently living in and this is the reason why we celebrate Christmas because GOD IS WITH US.



שלום (Peace)

Ryan Ferguson

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